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Fullerton is one of the largest cities in Orange County, one with a strong sense of tradition. Downtown Fullerton has been steadily revitalized over the past 20 years with more than 70 historic buildings. The area south of Commonwealth Avenue has become a busy entertainment district known as Bourbon Street West with a mix of Mexican cantinas, Asian bars, Jass and local pubs with an active festive astomosphere. Historically it was an agricultural center known for its groves of Valenica oranges and other citrus crops. It is also known as an education city and is home to California State University, Fullerton.

Newer communities in Fullerton include:

A low-lying mountain region known as Coyote Hills is located in the northern and western areas of Fullerton and the lands to their south and west are known as Sunny Hills. In 2001 293 acres of the Hughes Aircraft Company’s Ground Systems Group in the western area of Fullerton was redeveloped into a new residential and commericial district and is now know as Amerige Heights.

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