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The city of Cypress was the third largest dairy district in the United States in the late 1940s. In 1960 the City Council voted the dairies out of the town within 10 years to make room for residents and the first major housing development was approved.

Newer communities in Cypress include:

Cypress College opened in 1966, on what use to be a dairy pasture. The Los Alamitos Race Track was made part of Cypress and it is a major income producer for the City. Prior to 1967, city hall, the police department and the jail were located in a small red house on the corner of Lindsay Lane and Walker Street. It was relocated to 5275 Orange Avenue, it continued to grow and a new Community Center was built in 1974.

18.2 acreas of open space was also acquired to develop a community park, facilities, a nature park, eight neighborhood parks and five local school/park areas.

In August 1999 a reconstruction and dedication was provided for Lincoln Avenue between Bloomfield and Valley View and the “new” corridor received new landscaping, lighting, a clock tower and entry monuments at both entrances to Cypress.

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