San Juan Capistrano

The City of San Juan Capistrano is located in South Orange County. The City is centered around the mission “Mission San Juan Capistrano” (founded in 1776) and most of the architecture around the area is Spanish, resembling the style of the historic building. The homes in San Juan Capistrano are of the widest variety, ranging from those built prior to 1900 (some being adobe homes), 10-million dollar homes in gated communities up in the hills and working ranches located in the foothills.

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San Juan Capistrano is the location of the first winery and vineyard in California and the oldest residential neighborhood, Los Rios. The City is also home of the oldest in use building in California, the Serra Chapel in the Mission.

Newer communities in San Juan Capistrano include:

The City is famous for its cliff swallows which use to migrate each year from Argentina to the Mission San Juan Capistrano. These swallows have not returned since 2009, due to the mission no longer being the tallest building in the area and the eaves they needed for their nests were eventually covered up.

The historic train depot, completed in 1894, is a unique building with unusual architecture consisting of a 40 foot high dome, arches and a mission bell. The station is located in the historic Los Rios District where you will find quaint shops and restaurants, along with a petting zoo.

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